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What’s aging you? And what you can do about it.

Background: Scientists have discovered that when we were conceived our Telomeres (little bits of DNA at the end of every chromosome in each cell in our body) were 15,000 units long. They get shorter every time a cell divides, which they do all the time. When we were born our Telomeres were about 10,000 units long. Our Telomeres get shorter with every cell division, and when they get down to 5,000 units long, WE WILL DIE !

Telomeres are our ‘Body Clock’.

‘So where’s the good news in that ?’ you may well ask.

The very good news is that there is now available a scientifically formulated100% natural plant based product that will lengthen our Telomeres and turn back our body clocks, please read on.

The 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for the discovery of ‘How Chromosomes are protected by Telomeres and the enzyme Telomerase.’ Needless to say they only hand out Nobel Prizes for real breakthroughs.

Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Attacks, Alzhiemers, Arthritis and many other conditions have all been associated with short telomeres. Many Scientists believe that keeping Telomeres long will dramatically reduce the incidence of all these conditions.

Scientific studies have shown that lengthening Telomeres improves the immune system. This fact alone will have enormous consequences for all of us.

Did you know that Lobsters don’t age? Scientists don’t even know how long they can live. Lobsters have Telomerase being produced in every cell in their bodies. These living animals already have the ‘Fountain of Youth’ switch turned on in every cell in their body!

In 2010 Dr Ronald DePinho and a team of scientists from Harvard Medical School reversed the symptoms of aging in a living animal for the first time. They didn’t just stop the aging process, they reversed it. You will be able to see Dr De Pihno discuss this in the first video link below.

Many people have also seen some amazing changes since consuming this scientifically developed botanical based formula. For some examples refer to the video testimonies link below. This may be hard to believe at first but we have to understand that scientists have proven that ‘Aged Tissues have a Point of Return’ and can actually regenerate themselves, if short telomeres are lengthened.

So in summary, Scientists have recently proven that certain natural, organic, botanical substances can flick on a switch which is already in every cell in our bodies, that will then cause the production of a naturally occurring enzyme Telomerase, which then lengthens our Telomeres, making our cells feel and behave like younger cells.

We are also seeing it work in dogs..... and the thing about the dogs is the fact that there is no ‘placebo effect’ in a dog.....they don‘t know what they are eating!

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"My personal experience since taking Product B just over 5 weeks is that I have much more energy and seem to be able to accomplish more during the entire day. I am sleeping much better. These benefits were felt after a couple of weeks. My eye sight has improved in terms of greatly reduced floaters or black spots in my vision, which have been bugging me for a few years now and my eyesight seems to be improving in terms of general vision when it comes to reading. Its early days yet with just a few weeks Product B consumption under my belt, but I am definitely feeling much better already for taking this and now want to share this information with you."

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