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Welcome to Tobin Insurance Services, your one-stop shop for all your insurance needs.

Our service is free to you. We tailor insurance solutions to meet your needs and budget.

We work with clients from all stages and walks of life from individuals to families, employees to business owners, professionals and self-employed entrepreneurs.

Experienced and qualified advice is essential when your goal is to protect yourself, your family, your lifestyle and/or your business. We have a strong history of helping clients with claims in the areas of premature death, disablement, illness, fire, flood, earthquake and beyond. Our team has a combined experience of more than 75 years in the insurance industry. We are passionate about using our in-depth knowledge to benefit our clients.

We are not contractually aligned or bound to place a minimum amount of business with any one insurance company. This means that unlike many agents or bank based advisers, we can truly present you with the solution that best meets your requirements. Our preferred business partners include leading insurance companies such as AMP, Asteron, Fidelity, Generate KiwiSaver, Heartland Seniors Finance, Onepath, Partnerslife, Southern Cross, Sovereign, NIB and Vero.

Please complete an enquiry form, email us, or call us should you need further information. We are happy to help. A disclosure statement is available upon request.

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