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Life Insurance

Question:  When is the best time to buy Life insurance?

Answer:  Before you may need it.

“No one lives forever”.

Anyone who dies and leaves their family and/or business in the financial lurch is irresponsible in my view, there is no excuse for this with some forward planning. Whatever excuse you can come up with not to buy life insurance, or to cancel your policy is going to sound ridiculous to your widow and family/ creditors.

Factors affecting the premium will include, age, gender, smoking habits, current and past health, occupation, height to weight ratios and sometimes family health history.

You can choose from level premiums that do not increase with age or stepped premiums which are initially cheaper but increase with age on yearly policy anniversary date.

A full disclosure of your health is a must when applying for Life Insurance and it is a good idea to get a copy of your GP Doctor's notes to have handy when completing an application for Life cover.

I have dealt with death and terminal illness claims over the years and can assure anyone reading this that having life cover in place for these clients made a world of difference to their and their family’s peace of mind. Please check out my client testimonials page to attest to this.

Contact me today for a free risk assessment and to help you find a suitable solution for your life insurance needs.

Jeff Tobin CLU, ANZIIF (Snr Assoc) CIP.
Chartered Life Underwriter.
Telephone: 09-412 5997

Trusteda Adviser - Financial Advice New Zealand


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