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Client references

Jeff Tobin has been our life /personal insurance advisor for well over a decade. There can be no doubt that he has looked after Tracy and my interests thoroughly and professionally at all times. My career in structural steel has ended due to Arthritis and the, income protection, trauma and total disablement claims have been paid out. Jeff’s insightful stewardship of our covers has delivered a level of financial surety above expectation. Even when times were very tough post Covid his support and guidance has been proved to be undeniably correct. In my experience people considering their covers should try to stay the course if at all possible. If you do need to claim as a long-term investment our premiums over time have delivered a near 3 - 1 return.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Jeff Tobin to anyone requiring advice in insurance.

John Blackwell, March 2023.

Jeff has been my insurance broker for the past 36 years. During that time, Jeff has been an invaluable support when I have had problems with insurance companies. He will always “go into bat” on my behalf and do his utmost to get a good outcome for me. A recent example was when I was being mucked around by my insurance company and I had become so frustrated that I just wanted to give up and cancel my policy. I contacted Jeff and within minutes he got back to me, listened to my tale and got on to the insurance company on my behalf, including waiting on the phone for 15 minutes for the insurance company to answer his call. After having toiled on my own for weeks with the company, Jeff had resolved the issue in my favour within a couple of hours. The relief was amazing. This kind of prompt, personal service is what you get from Jeff (and Debbie).

Jeff always thanks me for getting him involved and for giving him the opportunity to advocate on my behalf. Nothing is too much trouble and service is always given freely and honestly.

Jeff is a true gentleman, full of kindness and integrity. I cannot speak highly enough of both Jeff and Debbie and have recommended Tobin Insurance to all my friends, family and work colleagues.

Dennis Ansley, November 2022

We came to know Jeff back in 2005 when we bought our first home. Since then we started that highly trusted relation with Jeff up till this date.

He has taken care of all our life, disablement, income protection insurances in a highly professional manner. Jeff is a very trusted and friendly person, I could not speak enough of his caring to his clients, he and his team are always there for us. We are very blessed to come to know you.

Aber & Athir Matti, 15th January 2021

I first met Jeff in the early 1990’s, when I purchased my first home. Jeff came to talk about insurance, but over the course of getting things set up, he also gave me some valuable advice about making sure I was set up and had things in order seeing as I was on my own. His genuine sincerity during this time gave me a lot of confidence, and this has continued well in to the 30 odd years we have now been working together.

There are many things I appreciate about Jeff and his service.

  • He knows who you are when you call, you are not a number
  • Jeff will give it to you straight, no fancy talking or trying to pull the wool over your eyes
  • He offers guidance and sound advice
  • No question is a dumb question (all thought I am sure there have been some.)
  • Nothing is to much trouble – totally customer focused
  • Jeff is a man of his word, and has integrity.

Some of the advice Jeff gave me in those early days, I am now passing on to my son. It’s sound, timeless advice that has gone the distance. In this day and age, it can be hard to find someone you can trust, who has the experience and manner to encourage and support long term working relationships. Luckily, I found Jeff.

Denise Leat, 11 January 2021

Hi Jeff,

I wanted to thank you for all your help over the last few months.

As you know in October last year I rung you to discuss cancelling some of our insurance after a work accident.

You promptly came out to see me and advised I may have a claim on my loss of earnings and trauma insurance.

I had no idea this was possible.

This started a complicated journey due to multiple injuries.

With your support I had medicals and scans and this led to AIA accepting my claim for loss of earnings insurance.

Within a week of this Partners life paid out on our trauma insurance which is something I did not expect at all.

During this process you were always on the game checking with the insurance companies and keeping me informed I always thought you had my best interests at heart.

Because of this our financial worries are over allowing me to concentrate on getting my damaged body to the best state I can.

I had a preconceived idea that insurance companies would go out of their way to find a loop hole to not payout. This has been proved wrong with everyone going the extra mile to help as much as possible.

I would recommend your services to anyone for looking for insurance advice.

Thank you again and I am sure we will keep in touch.

Mark Nicholson, March 2020

Dear Jeff,

I wanted to thank you for your help with my trauma claim.

We had the policy for quite a few years now and only took the Trauma Policy part as part of our Health Insurance on your advice, thinking nothing of it. How naďve of us!!

If it was not for your advice I would have never thought about claiming, and was surprised at both the amount and how quickly the Partners Life claim was paid.

But what really touched me was the compassion and empathy you and your team showed me and my family during a difficult time.

We feel fortunate to have you as our adviser. Thank you again for all your help.

Teresa Fernandez, September 2019

Jeff has been our insurance agent for over thirty years and we have always found his advice and guidance to be well thought out, unbiased and professional. He has handled our enquiries in a prompt and friendly manner and he works hard to ensure we receive regular progress updates.

We have recently had to make a series of large and complicated claims with Partner’s Life and AMP and Jeff made the process as quick and painless as possible. We received personal visits from him and he gave me his private mobile number to call if I had any issues or questions. He was always available to answer my questions and we truly felt he was one hundred percent committed to our financial and personal well-being. He showed us great sympathy and friendship during a difficult time and we are extremely grateful for his sensitivity and professionalism.

Both Partner’s Life and AMP paid our claims promptly and with a minimum of fuss. Partner’s Life in particular have been very impressive with their communication and speed of payment.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeff as an agent and I also consider him a friend.

Yours Sincerely
Glenn Wood, May 2019

When I met Jeff at the Baby Show in 2016 I had no insurances, it had always seemed like an expensive and daunting task which I never got around to.  Jeff came over to our house one evening and talked us through everything in a clear and non pushy manner, he worked with us to come up with the best solution for our family.  He then took us through all the application forms and stayed with us through the setup process, meaning we did not have to talk to the insurance company at all – a total blessing. 

A year or so later I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – not something you expect at 35.  Straight away Jeff contacted the insurance company (Partnerslife) and arranged for our trauma cover to be paid out, we had the money within 10 days!!  The money was an absolute blessing and took a huge amount of stress off our young family, we were so glad Jeff had convinced us to take out the cover.

Our insurances have also paid out for three lots of grommets for our children, without this cover they would still be on the wait list.  When there was an issue getting approval with the insurance company, Jeff negotiated on our behalf and managed to get the surgery approved, I will forever be grateful.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jeff and Debbie, they go above and beyond the call of duty and always do so with a smile. 

Katie Tookey, Dec 2018

When you “really need” Jeff

My story starts like most others, when I was working the business ladder, buying a house, starting a family, trying to save for travel and toys and pay insurance at the same time.

Jeff and I started the insurance process in 1995, and what I learnt from it is that insurance is moving target and you must review your insurance on a regular basis to reflect your current work and financial position. So with Jeff’s guidance I did this, and then “all hell broke loose”.

Strike 1 – My wife was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and started the cancer treatment journey. Because we had had both life and trauma policies we were able to draw on our trauma insurance to help up with that journey.

Strike 2 – After a long 4 year battle with myeloma my wife became terminally ill. Again we were able to call on our life policy to establish our family’s financial security.

Strike 3– Then as a bolt from the blue I became sick and was advised I had pancreatic cancer, which was attacking my liver. I immediately had to start cancer treatment and stop work. Again thanks to Jeff we were able to call on my Life and Traumainsurances and in addition my income protection insurance that we had established during our review meetings.

For those who follow softball and baseball – Strike 3 means you’re out. Hopefully with modern medicine and other options like some science based natural health products Jeff has introduced us to, I can live to bat another day.

So when we really needed Jeff he was there for us. Jeff’s support throughout this process was simply outstanding, and his relationship with the insurance providers, AMP, PartnersLife and Asteron was unbelievable, as we had no hassles at all with our policy claims.

Thanks Jeff
Allan & Tere Sage, November 2016

Jeff Tobin is our trusting, reliable, kind & caring insurance agent and friend.

Our homes, businesses, vehicles, life and income protection insurance have been in his capable hands for the past 30 years, during any claim Jeff has been alongside us all the way making the process simple and efficient.

During a downtime in our business Jeff suggested taking out income protection insurance, which we did for my husband. 2 years later my husband was diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma and our long journey began, having income protection meant we had the income to employ another staff member and take the load from my husband, unfortunately his disease became terminal and having life insurance paid out early enable us to pay for an unfunded drug, our last hope.

My husband lost his battle 3 months ago, before his passing he asked Jeff to lead his funeral that’s how much respect and friendship Jeff had built with our family over the years.

I could not imagine the financial stress I would have had without our insurance, since my husband’s passing I have taken out a new medical insurance, which will cover unfunded drugs, my 25 year old son has also taken out life and medical insurance through Jeff. I feel financially safe knowing we have covered all bases.

Jeff, I could never thank you enough for your advice on all our insurance needs over the years, you are an expert in your field and I would recommend anyone starting out in life to speak to Jeff on their insurance needs.
Deb Moncur, June 2016

I would very much like to thank you for your assistance when I was making a claim for my recent operation. Your attention to detail helped the application go smoothly. I would also like to thank Partners Life for their consideration and approval. Both you,Jeff and Partners Life helped in a rushed stressful situation.
Kind regards
Dorothy Viljoen, November 2015

"In July of this year owing to a company restructure I was placed in a very unfortunate situation and for the first time in my life I had to implement a mortgage protection insurance policy. The understanding and service that I received from all at Tobin Insurance Services and Asteron Life was excellent, it way exceeded my expectations. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering taking out this type of insurance."
Chris R, Cambridge, Dec 2013

"I needed insurance in buying a home and was referred to Jeff in 2003. Little did I know then that it would later prove to be my lifeline to future financial security. Taking out disability and income protection was a wise choice advised by Jeff at the time.

I realised the value of insurance when I was diagnosed with a rare disease which has disrupted my life but at least left me with options financially. Jeff has been there to advise and guide me through a difficult claim period. I learned the hard way that I needed to fill in my initial forms correctly. Jeff has helped me in the aftermath and I am indebted to him for this.

I cannot recommend Jeff enough for his advice and support through this difficult process. Not only did he help with it but he also introduced me to a health product called “product B” which has reversed some of my symptoms and pointed my wife and I into a healthier direction. The Isagenix range has put us firmly onto a healthy path for the future.
Thank you Jeff for all your help and support."
David Miles, 29 April 2013

"Jeff has been a family friend and trusted advisor for over 2 decades. Even when the family unit broke up, Jeff continued to provide advice for all of us that ensured our changing circumstances were adequately covered.

Recently life changed again and Jeff has been able to ensure that the latest addition to the family is also protected as well as the rest of us. If not for Jeff’s comprehensive attention to detail, my own lack of attention would have made a recent switch of insurers a bit of a disaster! Fortunately Jeff’s record-keeping is second-to-none and I was rescued.

Jeff’s policy knowledge and ability to relate this to changing personal and family commitments is excellent. Anyone looking to put their insurance needs in the hands of someone who has only the client’s interests at heart, can’t go past Jeff."
Paula Browning, CEO, Copyright Licensing Ltd

“Jeff, I wanted to thank you for all your help during Michael’s illness. I always thought that we were over insured but when he became ill, his Income Protection Insurance was a godsend. It enabled Michael to stay in his own home and reman independent with money coming in every month. It allowed him to spend time with the children and still support them and himself. It meant that he could still pay his mortgage and leave his house to the girls as an asset for their future. Above all, despite his on going illness it gave him some dignity, independence which was always important to him.

The lump sum payments upon his death took care of the funeral expenses which was a great help also. Having his life insurance paid out before his death was also very reassuring for him and gave him peace of mind.

Once again, thanks for all your help and professionalism and support. As difficult as the past few years have been there was great comfort on knowing that Michael’s affairs had been well taken care of”.
Claire Kelly

"My name is Kayla, my husband Michael and I had Jeff as an insurance advisor for the past 3 years. When first taking out our policies Jeff mentioned mortgage protection insurance which covers bankruptcy and redundancy. At the time we thought “nah we’ll be right” but after listening to Jeff’s advice and with the premiums being so reasonable anyway we decided to go ahead.

Recently Michael was made redundant which left us struggling to pay our mortgage on my wage alone. Within 10 minutes after a phone call to Jeff we had all the claim forms emailed to us. We completed them and before lunch time the following Monday we had confirmation our claim was accepted and we were covered, and a huge weight was lifted from our shoulders. We would just like to thank you Jeff, without your awesome advice and then your swift work we were at risk of losing our home."
Michael and Kayla Samuelson

"15 years ago when I turned 50 and my health insurance requirements were under review, Jeff pointed me in the direction of a new policy being marketed by Tower Insurance. There were some Payback Benefits that I did not fully understand at the time, but Jeff assured me it was a good policy for me. As time went by I kept paying my health premium, and was comfortable that I was covered for most hospital treatments. I had forgotten about the 15 year maturity clause, so I was surprised and delighted to receive a call from Jeff recently telling me that Tower had a substantial cheque for me.

The main responsibility for health must of course be with the individual, but it is comforting to have a robust health insurance policy, and this particular plan from Tower also returned my premiums less any claims. Thank you Jeff for advising me on this policy."
Mark Newcomb

“In 2004 I suffered a seizure and woke up in hospital. I was diagnosed with cancer and as a consequence could no longer work in my trained occupation as a sheet metal tradesman. If it wasn’t for the excellent advice from Jeff to insure my income and take Life, Trauma, Total and Permanent Disability insurance, I would have to get a low paying unskilled job instead of the job I was trained for or go onto a low paying sickness benefit. Since January 2005, my insurance company has paid out my income protection benefit which continues to age 65 years. I have received in 2005 a lump sum payment for both my Trauma and Permanent Disability insurance and in 2009 thanks to Jeff, I have been paid out the remainder of my Life insurance cover.

Desiree and I have known Jeff for many years. We were very pleased we had these insurances in place as recommended by Jeff. The claims have been paid without problem and having the regular income payment from the insurance policy as well as the lump sum payments has made a positive difference for us. We recommend Jeff for insurance advice and are pleased with the service he provides”.
Derek and Desiree Ward

”I was informed that I required an urgent operation to replace a faulty Aortic Heart valve. This was to be done in only 14 days at a cost of approximately $37,000. My medical insurance was arranged though my broker Jeff Tobin who expedited the approval of the charges and notified Mercy Hospital, therefore no charge to me on admittance. After the operation I handed all accounts to Jeff who duly forwarded them to my insurer Tower Health, who paid the accounts promptly. As a result I would certainly recommend anyone requiring health insurance to contact Jeff to arrange their cover.”
Edna Bridger

"Jeff Tobin has been David in a Goliath battle with a large insurance firm for the past year on my behalf. After consistent follow-up, Jeff managed to resolve the situation, a feat for which I am whole-heartedly grateful. Jeff then advised on a more suitable policy for me, clearly and concisely. Above all, Jeff remained professional, and more importantly, was exceptionally pleasant to deal with. I am happy to recommend Jeff in writing or via phone to any potential customers. Thanks again, Jeff."
Lauren Bartlett

"My husband and I have been clients of Jeff Tobin since early 2007, we gave him a call on advice from my family who have dealt with and continue to deal with him. I have been amazed at the level of care and service that has been given to us. At each step, everything has been clearly explained, Jeff has asked questions (and listened to the answers!) to find out our situation and our needs, then he has made a recommendation that he feels will be best for us. When we have needed advice or changes made to our insurances, he has been there – personally, and promptly – to help us through.

Now, we are moving to Sydney. We will continue to deal with Jeff for all the insurances we can as I do not believe that we will find what he offers anywhere else. We could not have made a better man to be on our team."
Amy Bapty

“Always friendly service, make you feel he has your best interest at heart. Claims have always been settled easily with a minimum of issues, that makes me feel that Jeff has picked the best policies for us, very reassuring after hearing horror stories from friends about policy claims”.
Teresa Fernandez and Euan Bailey

"I had suffered a total loss house fire and called my broker Jeff Tobin, who got in touch with the insurer, Vero Insurance straight away. I received an excellent response to the claims costs, a fair price was established to rebuild the property, the settlement process was absolutely faultless and the excellent settlement was in my favour, having a broker intervening smoothed the process and made the claims process painless."
Rob Earley

Note: (Due to circumstances, Rob did not want to rebuild on the site of the fire, as Rob’s broker I was able to negotiate with the insurer to obtain a fair settlement so that Rob could rebuild on his preferred site - Jeff Tobin). For Rob’s full story refer client newsletter December 2003.

"I woke one morning gasping for air, with major pains in my neck and pain below my rib cage. I didn’t realise it at that moment but I was having a heart attack. After consulting my GP later that day I was admitted to North Shore hospital and was stablised. The following week I was operated on and given a balloon stent with angioplasty. When you are lying in a hospital bed and you are told there is something majorly wrong with you – life threatening, the last thing you need to be worried about is financial problems and how the bills are going to be paid if you become critically ill-or die. I knew the insurance policies we put in place a few years earlier would look after the family to the extent that I did not have to worry. That took away a lot of the stress that causes post-heart attack problems. At the age of 44 there is still a lot of income earning potential that my family are relying on. I was off work for eight weeks.

My heart drugs now cost an additional $70 per month and will cost more as I get older. The prospect of paying for additional medication was initially very worrying. I lost two months wages, the heart attack happened right on Xmas holidays with extra costs of Xmas and holidays, it would have caused a lot of stress on my marriage, but I didn’t have to worry – that is the difference.” My Trauma insurance and Income Protection insurance taken out because of Jeff’s earlier insurance recommendation, had effectively removed any financial worries I and my family might otherwise have had."
Mark Rewa (For Mark’s full story refer client newsletter Autumn/Winter 2003.)

"At the age of 32 years it was the biggest shock of my life, having found breast cancer and being told I was going to lose one of my breasts. I called Jeff to see if I had to disclose this to my life insurance company. Jeff advised me that not only did it not affect my existing insurance but that I had a probable trauma insurance claim. Jeff got onto the claim straight away and AXA paid out really quickly, they were brilliant. We applied the bulk of the trauma claim money to our mortgage which took away some financial pressure for us during what was a very stressful time for the family. I thoroughly recommend to women of all ages, if they have any lumps, bumps, odd shapes on their breast not to hesitate to go to your doctor and get recommended to have a mammogram, if it wasn’t for my radiographer and doctor I would possibly not be alive today."
Andrea. (NZ Breast Cancer Foundation NZ toll free 0800 902732) For Andrea’s full story refer client newsletter Summer 2004.

“Dee and I have been assisted with our insurance and dealings with Jeff Tobin for the past 11 years. We have had the pleasure and good fortune to have always been provided with beneficial insurance policies, together with sound advice by Jeff. Claims and enquiries on these policies have always been dealt with in the utmost professional and efficient manner. We still hold insurance policies with Jeff, and we will continue to do so. We would also undoubtedly recommend Jeff to anyone who requires his services and advice”.
Nick and Dee Banfield

“Excellent all round service, thank you Jeff for all your hard work.”
Lionel and Melanie Devonshire

“Very happy with Jeff’s service, always returns calls promptly and does whatever he can to be of assistance.”
Tracey Moran and Damian Strickett

“Jeff has helped us with two blown microwave claims and a carpet claim. We were very thankful and impressed how efficiently Jeff dealt with the claims and we were happy with the outcomes. Jeff is always available and quick to help in any insurance matters.”
Graeme and Judy Morris

"Vero was just awesome when it came to handling our claim. They acted quickly and removed as much of the stress from the flood as possible by organising and supervising the drying and arranging the trade companies for the repair. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. We were very impressed."
Michael and Kathryn Hawthorne

“In all the years we have held this service with you, things have been very good. It is good to know that should there be any problem or advice needed, you are only a phone call away.”
Marcelle Montgomery

"Thanks for your assistance in getting Richards’s premium reviewed - we are now paying less than half !
Which makes a huge difference to our budget - almost like Richard had a wage rise!!"
Sue Dodsworth
Note: No existing insurances were replaced by any new policies to obtain the premium saving. A review was undertaken with the existing insurer of many years and a more favourable premium rate struck due to an improvement in health. The integrity of the terms of cover of existing life policies was maintained.

“Always happy with Jeff’s prompt service. We have total peace of mind all will be in order if and when a claim arises.”
Danny and Lynn Aitken

“Excellent Service always, thanks to Debbie, Elaine and Jeff for speedy, help and friendship. Long may it last!”
In Ling Ng and Poi Keng Ng

“Very good medical insurance claims service, we are very happy.”
Tony and Elena Cairns

“Excellent from personal answering service to fast call back. Great service from all the team.”
David and Linda Ewing

“Jeff’s ability to mix his excellent personality with his professional attitude is admirable and unusual.”
Lesley Dunn

“Awesome service! Claims have been easy to organise and attended to immediately. Jeff always has our information at hand.”
Kevin and Lorraine Connelly

“ Fabulous friendly service, it is always a pleasure to deal with Jeff.”
Lindsay Ann Moon

“ Good service, friendly staff, Jeff always returns your calls.”
Susan and Aiden Lovelock

“Haven’t had many claims over the years, but trust Jeff implicitly with it all! And knowing that we have the best policies for us.”
Mark and Annette McCarthy

“Always had prompt service and helpful information provided on request. Can not fault service. Thank you.”
Shane and Michelle Morley

“Good advice that we can rely on and know is fair and balanced. Excellent customer service.”
Whitey Leat and Cheylin Mayhew-Leat

“Service has always been prompt, helpful, friendly and efficient.”
Deidre Chicken

“Jeff is very helpful and considerate.”
Barbara Kenealy

“Service is always prompt, Debbie in the office is very efficient.”
Kevin Skinner

“Thanks for your great friendly service and making it easy!”
Susie Spear

“Excellent explanations and time given when initialising policies.”
Meir and Jude Alfassi

“Very happy with your service.”
Nick and Netty de Boer

“It is great to have all your insurance needs covered by one entity, also to have multiple policies monitored by one person.”
John and Margaret van Kan

“You have always responded quickly to our calls for help when changes need to be made to policies and we enjoy reading “The Tobin Tribune”. It always gives us food for thought.”
Selwyn and Anita Stallard

“Your service is all that I ask.”
Anthony Wrensburg

“Good service-thank you.”
Erea Parker

“Only had one claim and it was handled brilliantly, which was a huge weight off my mind.”
Cindy Blakely

“Thanks for your prompt service.”
Michael and Joy Dowdall

“Excellent service in assisting me obtaining a Sentinel Loan and recommending a lawyer.”
James O’Warn

“Your service has always been efficient and helpful. Also very pleasant, which you don’t always get nowadays.”
Lynette Bainbridge

“Excellent service”
Sean and Jody Pearson

“Jeff is great to deal with-Thanks.”
Tonee Hepburn

“Very good service and direct and treats people with respect.”
Molly Hay

“Always the best service”
Dawn and Tony Rundle

“Keep up the great work”.
John and Britt Schollum

“Great service.”
Peter and Linda Horsley

“Don’t really have much contact anymore as we seldom have any claims and our policies are all in place and ticking along on their own. However, whenever we have needed Jeff in the past, we have always found his service 100% excellent!”
Marc and Gillian Meier

“We have always had good service from Jeff”
Carina and Mark Sim-Smith

“No problems, great service.”
Ilja and Karin Ruppeldt

“Your service is always excellent, claims are made easy with your help and assistance. Thank you Jeff.”
Tony and Trish Murray

“Good service, send more wine!”
Brom Breetvelt

“Good stuff, keep it up!”
Steve and Joan Venter

“We are very pleased with the way in which Jeff conducts the business.”
Desmond and Elizabeth Stanaway

“Jeff is very helpful.”
Lurleen Bernie

“Very happy with the level of service.”
Steve Pedersen

“Still very happy with the prompt cheerful service we receive.”
Mike and Chris Kernot

“Great support from Jeff regarding health insurance claims.”
Linda and peter Horsley

“Always great service.”
Wes and Carol Liddy

“Excellent Service as always, fast efficient and accurate”.
David Kelly

" Providing Future Dollars When You Need Them The Most"